True legacy. The gift of a history steeped in experience.

True inspiration. Inspiration derived from honing the talents of fertile soil, ideal climate and fruits of a superior vine.

True mastery. Mastery that can only come with time and experience.

True Taste. Taste derived from passionate winemaking, blended with a whole lot of soul. This is the essence that embodies wines of True Character, Wines by Nuy.


Nuy Winery is situated in the beautiful Nuy Valley at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains in the Western Cape. Average rainfall is low, but the privately owned Keerom Dam, the largest of its sort in South Africa, ensures a year-round water supply. During winter and spring, temperatures remain quite low, thanks to periodic snow on the mountains. This promotes slower growth of the fruit, resulting in healthy, flavourful grapes. Only 3% of the cellar’s total annual production of 10 000 tonnes is bottled under the Nuy brand. Only the best is reserved for each bottle of Nuy wine.


The Cellar Masters at Nuy are well travelled – they gleaned experience from wine regions in France, Germany, Australia and America. Each individual shows true commitment to the art of wine-making to produce only the finest wines. “Years of experience, untapped natural resources, passion, time and patience bring out the best in every bottle of our wine.” Says winemaker Christo Pienaar.


The Nuy cellar door opens up a rich harvest of tastes of sauvignon blanc, chenin blanc, chardonnay muscadel and semi-sweet sparkling wine. Our barrel selection sets Nuy apart from many wineries. This involves using only the best quality barrels and hand-picking crops from specific vineyards. Wine is matured for 18 – 24 months, after which the best barrels are selected. These are bottled and sold as barrel selection syrah, cabernet sauvignon and pinotage.


Founded in 1963, Nuy Winery was built on only one cornerstone: quality. At Nuy, our goal is to steadfastly produce bottle after bottle wine … wine of true character … We purposely run a limited operation in order to ensure every part of the wine-making process is done under a watchful experienced eye. So close your eyes uncork a bottle of Nuy and breathe in that character that sets our wines apart.


The season that led up to the 2015 harvest had less rain than previous seasons which caused it to be very dry. For this reason farmers had to supply additional irrigation which in turn led to water supplies being under preassure.

Nuy Winery, who recently conceptualised Nuy on the hill venue, matching the fine wine experience with a perfect balance of delicious food set in a relaxed atmosphere, is celebrating the 8th annual Nuy Valley Feast.

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