About Nuy Winery

built on Quality

At Nuy, our goal is to steadfastly produce bottle after bottle of wine… wine of true character…  We purposely run a limited operation here, in order to ensure that every part of the winemaking process is done under a watchful, experienced eye.  So close your eyes uncork a bottle of Nuy and breathe in that character that sets our wines apart.

Nuy’s Cellar Masters are well traveled; they’ve gleaned experience from wine regions in France, Germany, Australia and America. Each individual shows true commitment to producing only the finest wines. Years of winemaking experience, untapped natural resources, time and patience bring out the best in every bottle of Nuy wine.

Nuy Winery is situated in the Nuy Valley at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains in the Western Cape. Average rainfall is low, but the Keerom Dam ensures a year-round water supply. During winter and spring, temperatures remain quite low, thanks to the periodic snow on the mountains. This promotes slower growth of the grapes and results in healthy, flavourful fruit.



First vineyards planted in the Nuy Valley.

First parts of the Keerom farm in the Koo were bought for future plans to a build the Keerom Dam.


The first wine produced in the Nuy Valley, White Leipzig, were served at Princess Elizabeth’s 21st Birthday banquet in South Africa.


The Keerom Dam starts supplying water to 12 farms in the Nuy Valley.


Founders meeting of Nuy Winery.


R200 000 borrowed from Landbank to buy property and build the cellar, offices and tasting room. Mr C.P. le Roux is appointed as the first manager/winemaker.


First grapes harvested and pressed at Nuy Winery.


Mr C.P. le Roux resigns and Mr Wilhelm Linde gets appointed as manager/winemaker.


Nuy Winery’s first wine are released – 12 bottle case @ R9.00.

Great flood in the Nuy Valley.

Nuy Winery celebrates its 21st year with a grape harvester.

Tasting room and cellar gets a make-over.

Mr Wilhelm Linde retires and Mr Christo Pienaar gets appointed as cellar master.


Cellar presses 9 900 tons of grapes and is obliged to build a yeast and storage space.


Nuy Winery welcomes three new members and the harvest increase to 12 000 tons of grapes.


Cellar presses 17 197 tons of grapes and produces 13 115 400 litres of wine. 9 December 2015 is the official opening of the new tasting room, restaurant and deli, Nuy on the hill.